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Mixing price from: 150€excl. tax

Online mixing package from €150 excl. tax

(Offer reserved for independents)

This package is ideal for finalizing projects recorded in another studio or at home.

  • 150€ excl. tax by song.

  • Each title must have a duration of 3 minutes 30 minutes or less (if longer, contact me).

  • Less than 20 Tracks per title (if more tracks contact me).

  • This price includes a prior listening to the project to determine in advance the feasibility and agree together on the direction to take for the mixing (exchange by email).

  • This price includes two possible returns from you for each mixed song in order to make the desired corrections.

  • Voice accuracy correction option (Melodyne) €50 extra excluding tax per vocal track.

  • Mastering option €50 extra excluding tax per title

  • Export Stems option from the mix: €50 excl. tax per title

Other Packages

For companies domiciled in France, a signed order form will be requested before the session

or prior payment of the invoice.

For other country, prior payment of the invoice will be requested.

- 1 hour of studio time + sound engineer

100€ ht

- 8 hour of studio time + sound engineer

600€ ht

- For projects lasting more than one day, package possible and negotiable

- Consultation and expertise of your projects (by email or telephone or Visio)

50€ ht

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